About Us

The supply chain sector is recognized as an integral part of the Canadian economy.  Supply chain activities include all manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who together represent 29% of Canada’s total GDP.  According to  the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC), the supply chain sector also generates $50 billion in annual revenue and there is an addition $75 billion of activity completed by in-house supply chain organizations. Eighty-six percent of Canada’s merchandise exports are destined to the United States and approximately $475 billion US worth of goods cross each year between the two countries. The Canadian Supply Chain Sector employed 820,364 workers in 2014 and labour demand is growing by 13,681 people (2.1%) annually.

Linking Up is funded by Alberta Human Services, led by the Van Horne Institute and created and developed with the advice, experience and wisdom of a Project Advisory Committee comprised of industry, education and economic development partners. Check out our Partners page for more information.

This project was designed based on the recommendations from the Youth in Supply Chain project, as well as feedback received from several industry members. The main objectives of the project are:

We want to help job seekers gain a firsthand understanding of career opportunities in the supply chain sector, develop a professional network and support them in their quest for work.

We will be participating in several events to promote Supply Chain Management as a career of choice and will be organizing presentations and networking opportunities to support job seekers in connecting with industry professionals.

Stay tuned for more information in the Fall, 2016 or contact us at info@linkingup.ca or vanhorne@ucalgary.ca.